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What Makes a Prenatal Massage Different From a Regular Massage?

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Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, the changes that occur in your body will make you uncomfortable and may at times stress you. The mood swings, lack of sleep, pains in your back region, swelling of the feet, among other issues may hit you hard.

A prenatal massage is a gentle yet effective way you can overcome most of these issues and as a result, enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy experience. Though the benefits of a prenatal massage are almost the same as those of regular massage, here are some things that make this type of massage different:

1. Positioning

During your prenatal massage, it will not be possible to lie on your stomach or your back. The massage therapist will help you to lie on your side and use a special pillow to make you comfortable. This position will also help the massage therapist to access your back and shoulders with ease during the massage.

This positioning will also eliminate the possibility of putting pressure on your abdomen or stressing your uterine ligaments. You can also get your massage while seated on a comfortable chair in a reclined position if this is what works for you. What is important is ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the massage session so that you can reap maximum benefits from it.

2. Not all parts of your body will get massaged

The massage therapist will avoid using deep and pointed pressure on your abdomen, inner parts of your legs, and other pressure points that can lead to uterine contraction. Your belly will be massaged gently to help in soothing and relaxing you and the baby.

3. There will be selective use of massage oils

If there will be a need to use massage oils, the therapist will choose oils that will not harm you or your baby. There are oils such as cinnamon, rosemary, and clove, among others that can lead to contractions and should, therefore, be avoided. A professional massage therapist will choose essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or ylang-ylang that will calm you and help you to get better sleep.

4. You will be massaged by a pregnancy massage therapist

Though all massage therapists are trained on how to conduct safe and effective massages, not all can offer pregnancy massage therapy. You need to ensure that the therapist who’ll be working on you has adequate training and experience in pregnancy massage before confirming your appointment.

If this is your first time to have a pregnancy massage, you can ask for recommendations from your doctor, friends or relatives. You can also check online for reviews on the available massage therapists and settle for the one with most reviews.

Pregnancy Massage

Never forget that your actions during pregnancy will have a direct impact on your unborn child. Your choice of massage therapist will affect the outcome of your massage which is why you need to be extra careful. During the massage, it will also be needful to speak up if you feel any form of discomfort or pain. Remember, the massage session is meant to make you more relaxed and free you from any pregnancy discomfort and not to cause you more complications.…

During Pregnancy, Would You Recommend Getting a Prenatal Massage?

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Pregnancy Massage Clearfield

Pregnancy is a happy nine months’ journey in your life as a woman. You wait in anticipation in anticipation for that time you will hold your bundle of joy in your arms. However, there are many downsides during pregnancy that can make the journey more difficult. But, you don’t have to endure them as there is a sure way of overcoming these side effect… getting a prenatal massage.

Getting a professional massage will help in enhancing your circulation, toning tour muscles, improving your metabolism, and calming your nervous system to allow you to sleep better. You will be able to carry the increased weight with ease with minimal or no pain and cramps in your legs.

Before Getting a Prenatal Massage

  • Seek the consent of your doctor: in as much as you want to look and feel good regardless of the changes, it is good to seek your doctor’s consent before the massage. The doctor who has been with you since you began your pregnancy journey will advise you on the best time to get a massage.
  • Get a good spa: Never forget that you are responsible for the life of your unborn baby and your choice will have a direct impact on your baby. One of the important choices is getting a spa where the therapists are trained and experienced in pregnancy massage.
  • Book your appointment when you are past the morning sickness phase: if you will have your massage in the first trimester, you may experience morning sickness at certain times of the day. You can book your appointment at a time when you are over this bad morning sickness feeling especially in the afternoon.

How Often Should You Have a Pregnancy Massage?

To get maximum benefits from your massage, you should get a pregnancy massage at least once every month. Towards the last 2 months, however, you can have your massage twice each month at

A professional pregnancy massage therapist will help you in choosing the most beneficial frequency for your massage. He will also ensure that he uses massage techniques that will not only make your pregnancy journey easier but one that will keep your baby safe.

Instead of losing your joy, peace, and mobility as a result of the pregnancy, contact a pregnancy massage therapist and book your prenatal massage. He has spent years providing prenatal massage services and will know what will work best for you.

During the massage, the positioning will be different from what happens in regular massages to avoid hurting your baby. Depending on what will work for you, the massage therapist can ask you to sit and lay your head on the massage bed or help you to lie on your side.

The only time you should avoid getting a pregnancy massage is when yours is a high-risk pregnancy. You would not want to risk the life of your child at the expense of getting a massage. If the doctor okays your having a massage, you can rest assured that you will experience immeasurable benefits every time you get a prenatal massage.…