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Europe Travel Destination | Best places to Visit in Europe

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Budget Travel Advice ParisCurrently the European Union is in a dominant position in the world economy and as such the traditional European vacation hotspots of London, Rome and Paris may seem out of touch to the budget traveler but with a few helpful tips from Budget Travel Tips hopefully. With the unfavorable exchange rate for many travelers outside of Europe the term “budget travel to Europe” may seem like a bit of an oxymoron but Paris is a culturally and historically rich city and it would be a shame to completely discount it on the basis of exchange rate alone.

True, if your home currency is something other than the Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc or Norwegian or Icelandic Kroner, travel to Paris will seem expensive, but you have to consider that the city of Paris has been a long-time favorite for many years for several good reasons not least of all the Louvre, berets and the Eiffel Tower.

Europe Travel Destination

How to lower your costs

For many a frugal traveler, the popular strategy is to spend a lot on airfare to get to one of the traditional low-cost destinations and then spend a prolonged period of time there thusly spreading the cost of airfare out over several days or weeks and effectively reducing one’s daily expenses. Luckily, getting cheap airfare to Europe is quite commonplace with fares from the U.S. east coast across the Atlantic to many major European gateway cities can often be had for less than $300 (USD) and intra-European airfare is often mind-bogglingly inexpensive. To get the lowest airfare within Europe to keep a close watch on Europe’s most notorious of low-cost carriers Ryanair.

Flights on Ryanair often cost nearly nothing. Just be wary of extra fees for checked baggage and other hidden costs. Other inexpensive airfare carriers exist in Europe, with Easyjet coming to mind quickly and several other lesser-known airlines (who serve limited routes) as well.

Getting around

If you have a good idea of how long you will be spending in Paris, you can save quite a bit of money by buying a pass for the local metro or a coupon book with a number of tickets. Both of these options will save you money versus buying individual tickets. If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget you already probably know to avoid taxis – especially in more developed parts of the world, but it seemed like a good thing to mention anyway.


A quick search for cheap accommodation in Paris produced disappointing results. Prices for hostel bunks seem to start at around $30 (USD). The best deals were found on, search over 15,000 Properties Worldwide – Book Now!. Other alternatives are couch-surfing or you can try your luck at stealth camping.


You’re in Paris – the temptation to frequent the same type of cheap dining establishment you would back home might be strong. Fight the urge and partake in some French cuisine, but to save money, once again Budget Travel Tips is advocating street food, but at least one sit down meal in a French restaurant won’t break the bank and should be experienced while here. Eating lunch in a restaurant will be less expensive than dinner.

In summary

The best way to save money by traveling to Paris is to do some prior planning. Do some research on what you want to see and do there and figure out how many days you want to stay. It would probably be best to plan at least one day for ‘other’ types of activities, but spend the minimum amount of time there to …

St Petersburg, Florida Travel Guide

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St. Petersburg, Florida is a truly wonderful location to go to if you are aiming to having fun. There is so much to do that you really need to prepare points out before you take a trip there. In this article, I will certainly carry out an overview to taking a trip to this particular part of Florida.

First you require to figure out where you are going to remain. There are many hotels in the location that I truly do not believe that I require to go too far right into depth on that certain issue. If you currently have a place to remain after that terrific! You will either save some cash or have even more to spend on fun activities.

As for food, there are dozens of wonderful areas to eat in the area. One of my faves is Sea Hags This dining establishment has fair prices and fantastic food if you are interested. Sea Hags lies just off of blind pass roadway if you where questioning. An additional wonderful dining establishment is Filthy Phil’s. A few other are Crabby Bill’s, Rib City, and the Healthy Hut.

AS for tasks, you can go to the beach at Pass-a-Grille, fish, or rent out a boat. I directly like going fishing. A few good charters to have a look at are the Friendly Fisherman at John’s Pass, a party watercraft in Pass-a-Grille marina, or Brent Gaskill. Brent does a private charter, however will put you on the fish. You can possibly find him by carrying out a search in Google for his name or his web site “” I am unsure if that is his site, yet its pretty close I think.